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  • The First Line
    The first line is everything. The first line leads to the second line, and so on, until there are no lines left to read. Crafting that inviting first line is no easy task.
  • The Sting
    Earlier this year, I submitted a story to the inaugural issue of 48HR Magazine, which invited writers to craft stories based on a theme in about 24 hours. Editors and desi
  • Floriography
    Of the two-dozen stories I penned while in my Ficly frenzy of Aught-Nine, this may be the one of which I was the most pleased. I’ve long had a somewhat vague curiosity reg
  • The Street Sweepers
    I recently penned this short story at ficly.com, and it managed to attract some attention. It seems like a good jumping off point for me for a collection of urban fantasy
  • Me Too Me Too
    After Ryan posted (and told me) about Ficly , and how it had opened the creative floodgates for him, 1024 characters at a time, I considered joining. At first, I didn't, b
  • Stories Without End
    I recently found an outlet for creative writing, and I’m actually using it. (Ficly) invites users to write 1,024-character (or less) stories. Each published endeavor is fl
  • A Short Scene From SFO
    (Something I jotted down while waiting for a flight to Reno, with some later editing.) A pale young woman with auburn hair, a low-cut white shirt, and a careless sweater t
  • Economies of Scales
    . Though this book’s jacket notes the author was, among other indignities, “sprayed by a bird-eating tarantula” and “ejaculated on by a Bengal tiger,” it doesn’t hold as m
  • Spot. Spot Running. Running, Spot, Running.
    Ten thousand bucks for dropping subjects from sentences and not using quotation marks. I know there’s more to the winner of this year’s Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, but co-
  • Around the Block
    The worst thing about being a writer is not being able to write. I mean being physically incapable of writing. Typically, lack of time is the biggest culprit. If I’m doing
  • Neruda and Translation
    Now and then, I get in the mood to read poetry. It doesn't happen frequently, and my knowledge of poetry is minimal, so I definitely can't claim to be an expert or even an

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