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  • Art in Entropy
    I recently spent a wonderful morning picking avocados in an aunt’s backyard, under a tree humming with bees. The moment was so full of life, but some of the more weather-w
  • Recent Crayon Drawings
    While waiting for the arrival of a new baby, I've been spending a lot of time keep my two-year-old daughter amused so that my wife can rest. One thing we've been doing fro
  • Castles In The Sky
    This last August, we took a nice long vacation to Northern California and spent some quality time with just about all of our in-state family. On the Lake Tahoe leg of our
  • Angels in the Digital Age
    Light is crazy. Is it a particle? A wave? Both? It has no mass, but can't escape a black hole's pull. I read a Wired article a while back about a scientist who shot light

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