James' Cultural Consumption

March 24, 2010
By James

What am I drinking in (besides Vodka-sprite?)


In the middle of…

  • Exclusion and Embrace by Miroslav Volf – probably one of the best texts ever on how reconciliation might actually work in a deeply unjust world. The book is thick on philosophy, but well worth the energy it takes.

Just finished…

  • Wanted (graphic novel) by Millar – way different than the movie
  • Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett – good writer, unconventional hero journey. I’m going to have to explore more in his world
  • Tale of Desperaux by Kate DiCamillo – the movie is coming out in December, and I wanted to read the book again before the movie (potentially) ruins it

Just starting…

  • a bunch of science fiction by Philip K. Dick, Larry Niven, and Alfred Bester; we’ll see how much time I have
  • Book of the Dun Cow – this one is also a re-read, but I really liked it the first time around


Recently watching…

  • Deyo Dances – a local company in SLO, the director choreographer is simply amazing. Her pieces are imaginative, meaningful, poignant, funny… but if I could capture her work in words, you wouldn’t ever need to see the dance, no? I’ll write up my impressions of the performance sometime.
  • Champions Jack and Jill competition in West Coast Swing – everyone who dances West Coast will tell you that every competition at every event with these pros is a big part of why we keep on dancing – we want too look like them. :-) Here’s a video of the 1st Place Strictly competition from last year’s event.

Recently dancing…

  • West Coast Swing – of course. Just finished the Palm Springs Summer Dance camp last weekend, and am planning on the South Bay event at the end of this month
  • Modern (w/ Variable Velocity) – I’ve never danced modern before, and I feel kinda like a fish out of water at the classes but that’s not too different than how I feel in a lot of my classes. I’m enjoying the new movement vocabulary and really relaxed, inviting atmosphere though.

Television and Movies

  • Avatar, Book 3 – just finished the series finale. Sigh… I’m really going to miss this series. I can’t believe how much they just got right in a “kids” series – sure, not a lot was strictly original, but the presentation, characters, and story telling was superb
  • Batman: Dark Knight – wow. I didn’t Hollywood could still come out with quality summer “action” films. Writing, acting, complex characters… everything was there except for Batman himself, who in an odd twist, became the least interesting character and mostly the device that drove all the other, more interesting characters (esp. the Joker). Excellent.