Me Too Me Too

June 24, 2009
By Bret

After Ryan posted (and told me) about Ficly, and how it had opened the creative floodgates for him, 1024 characters at a time, I considered joining.

At first, I didn't, but then I realized that I had a story I wanted to write.  I had tried writing it as 55 Fiction once, but it didn't quite fit.  It works much better within the 1024 character constraint, though, and it's now live on the site.  I'll be posting, as additional ideas come to fruition, under the name 'halfpenny'.

My story, titled Survival, is after the jump.

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Stories Without End

June 15, 2009
By Ryan

I recently found an outlet for creative writing, and I’m actually using it. (Ficly) invites users to write 1,024-character (or less) stories. Each published endeavor is flanked by two options—“Write a Prequel” and “Write a Sequel”—to encourage community participation.

Here’s one of my efforts, written to enter a posted challenge to incorporate both fantasy and science fiction:

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