Art Out of Reach

September 16, 2008
By James

Nobody goes to watch live dance anymore.

I mean, it’s difficult enough to find the time and money to catch a 7:15 movie, let alone a dance show that will only happen once or twice a year. At let’s be honest: there’s a lot of really poor dancing to be seen, and watching it is like going to a bad movie - you know you’re not going back to ever see that one again. And sometimes: it’s just too hard to understand. It’s music you’ve never heard on any of your five radio stations. Funny costumes - tutus? It’s hard to take in what’s important - why is there no instant replay? And how can you really appreciate it when it looks like they’re not working that hard?

Sometimes dance - and other art - pushes people away because only an elite few understand it. But that, to me, isn’t very good dance.

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Angels in the Digital Age

September 12, 2008
By Ryan

Light is crazy.

Is it a particle? A wave? Both? It has no mass, but can't escape a black hole's pull. I read a Wired article a while back about a scientist who shot light beams into a box and slowed them down to 15 MPH ... and then stopped them completely.

Some friends of mine and I played with light on a recent mini-road-trip up the coast. We didn't slow it down or anything, but we did create some pretty cool images.

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