About Ryan

March 24, 2010
By Ryan

Ryan is a husband, father of two daughters, and journalist who mostly edits other writers’ work instead of writing his own, even though he first got into journalism to write.

He also sings and plays piano, mostly for his church, and most often with Bret. They have participated in FAWM each year since 2006 and have loved it every year, even though they have never come close to finishing. He reads dozens of books simultaneously, hopping back and forth between them depending on what he feels like reading: mostly young adult fiction, well-written literary nonfiction, and classic and contemporary literature. Ryan also thoroughly enjoys movies and television, but only on DVD. He’s an almost-aspiring cook and gardener, a semi-regular blogger, and a collector of thimbles, dragons, first-edition books, and crèches. He’s also saved every theater ticket stub he’s received since seeing Jurassic Park.