About Bret

July 13, 2008
By Bret

Bret is an engineer by day, doing his best to keep buildings from collapsing.

He also plays guitar and sings now and then, mostly for his church, and most often with Ryan.  They have participated in FAWM each year since 2006 and have loved it every year, even though they have never come close to finishing.

He always has at least half a dozen books on the nightstand, but only reads one or two at a time.  The others, some of which have been there for years, are to remind him of other types of books he might want to read next.  Most of the time, he’s reading literary fiction, with occasional breaks for young adult fiction, theology, and poetry.

He has a wide variety of other interests which are largely underdeveloped but may occasionally show up here in one form or another: audio recording; board gaming; theology; philosophy; photography; sketching; essay-writing; computery stuff; gardening; camping…you get the picture.

He is married to a crafty woman named Andrea, and they have an adorable little girl named Natalie who keeps them busy but not too busy.